Top Three Travel Books

Top Three Travel Books

Here at True Vision we love travelling, exploring and anything like that. We believe that you should see the world not as it is, but as it should be. These books will definitely make you want to go travelling and live your dreams as soon as you can, so give them a read! 

Blue Highways

By William Least Heat-Moon

This book takes you through an unforgettable journey of self discovery, we follow two personal losses. Heat-Moon paints a picture of strangers and community throughout an American road trip only following the blue highways on his map, transporting us back into the early eighties. 


How to be a family

By Dan Kois

In this memoir Kois writes the story of how he dreamed about taking his family on one big adventure around the world for a year, which he did - they travelled to places such as the Netherlands, Costa Rica and New Zealand. 

It is a heartwarming read where Kois talks about community, parenting and the parts of us that follow us, no matter what. 

Hidden Places

By Sarah Baxter

This is a guidebook that highlights some of the world's best secrets, celebrating the roads not taken. It is an illustrated book with many places included that are hard to get too.

It transports you to places such as abandoned towns, ancient ruins and dense forests. We visited twenty five different places - if you love to get lost in books, this is the one for you!