Recyclable, Reusable Packaging!

Recyclable, Reusable Packaging!

If you’re like us and care about the environment and want to save the planet, then you’ll love that our packaging is made from paper and cardboard -meaning that it is 100% recyclable.  


Not only are we reducing and recycling but all our packaging is reusable too! Say you order one of our beanies, it comes in a cardboard tube. You can then use it to store your beanie, pens, pencils, paint brushes, anything you can think of. Not only that but our wallet boxes have a built-in drawer that is perfect for storing your spare change, keys, hair bands, paperclips, anything small really. 

If our packaging wasn’t recyclable then we wouldn't be doing our part to help the earth. If it’s possible to reduce, reuse and recycle then we should use the opportunity to do so -even recycling a little bit can go a long way. That’s why True Vision Brand does their part, join us in doing so!

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