Mirrored Coating?

Mirrored Coating?

Our polaroid sunglasses have a mirrored coating lens but what does that mean?

If you're someone who likes going outside, especially to the beach to go swimming or skiing somewhere where it snows, then these are for you! As they reduce the glare coming from things such as water and hard surfaces.

Through mirrored sunglasses you will get a clearer and brighter vision, as the light is reflected instead of absorbing it meaning you will get a more sharper picture when wearing the glasses and is great if you’re outside or even driving! 

Not only is mirrored coating good for all of that but it also helps prevent scratches a lot better than regular sunglasses which mean in the long term they’ll last longer and be worth the money - our sunglasses are polarised and have mirrored coating? It’s a win, win if you ask us!

Mirrored coating comes with more benefits than you think, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t really like or finds it hard to make eye contact with people! Having a pair of mirrored coating sunglasses means that your eyes won’t be seen through the lenses - which can make you feel more comfortable. Not only will you feel comfortable, but your eyes will as well! By having UV Protection (which you can read about on one of our other blogs) - but for a short explanation it protects your eyes from any sun damage you could normally get, preventing long term eyesight problems!

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