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How to grow on TikTok

How to grow on TikTok

How to get a following and reaction through TikTok

Tiktok, seems pretty simple right? 

It can be easy to grow on this platform, but there are ways to give you the extra push and we’re here to show you how! And yes, you’re probably asking yourself why an apparel brand is writing about social posts, well we decided to do it for us and thought why not share!

What is TikTok, and Why Does it Matter?

Tiktok is a video sharing app used to post short videos of every genre from comedy to education, Every video varies from fifteen seconds to three minutes. It is very popular and a lot of people use it, especially now more than ever which is why it's one of the top social platforms.

How to get noticed 

  • Join hashtag challenges
  • Most trending videos go along with a hashtag, post when something is trending and use that tag, the views will come if you post at the right time.

  • Influencers
  • Collab with them, this will do you good. It will attract likes, comments, views and bring people to your profile and brand.

  • Create engaging content
  • Engaging content will boost likes and comments, the more of that, the more your video will be on peoples ‘for you’ pages boosted through the algorithm. 

  • Trends
  • Keep up with the trends that could be relevant to your brand, you want to follow the trends but also stay somewhat professional. 

  • TikToks
  • Make TikToks not commercials, people will lose interest if it’s thrown right at them, you have to be creative.  

  • Authenticity 
  • Be authentic, don’t copy someone else’s videos exactly. If you do, you’ll get caught eventually. 

  • BTS
  • Post behind the scenes of your brand and what you’re doing, people love to see it.

    Tips for extra notices 

  • Brand Takeovers
  • A brand takeover is the ad that a user will see in their feed first before they can view user generated videos. Brand takeovers can be an image, video or gif which will link back to the brands website, the only downfall is it might be costly.

  • In feed ads
  • These are a good option, the minimum budget is $50 but it will definitely drive traffic to your brand.

    to this we are TRUE

    With all this being said, remember to stay true to yourself and your brand - follow the advice we’ve given you and people should become more interested overtime, remember it doesn't happen overnight! We’re living in a world in which content is now key and hopefully this blog helps you reach your goals. 

    Thanks for reading, we wish you all the best in your internet projects. If you’d like to support us in our projects why not take a look at our store (link below) and just as a little thank you here’s a 10% discount code for you to use on anything in our store: BLOGTOK1

    We hope you’ll stay TRUE to us.

    Learn how to grow on different social platforms: https://truevisionbrand.com/blogs/true-vision-blog

    Our website: https://truevisionbrand.com/ 

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