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How to grow on Instagram

How to grow on Instagram

How to grow and get more interaction using Instagram

Have you ever needed help to grow your business on Instagram? Well, you’re in luck! 

We’re here talking about bio's, content and everything in between to help you grow. And yes, you may be thinking why are we (an apparel brand) doing these social blog posts? It’s because we decided to do our own project about it and thought we might as well share!

How to grow

Firstly make sure your Instagram account is a business account. Without this - not a lot will be possible. You want to focus on statistics and analytics, the Instagram platform has over one billion active users and is one of the top most engaging apps. 

Look at how many of your followers interact, how many;

  •  likes
  • comments 
  • shares
  • views
  • profile clicks you get - this will show and help you decide on your next move.

  • Top Tips!

    Use Instagram’s service to your advantage; stories, live’s, reels, IGTV, it's all great and already there for you. Post daily using these and you’ll be surprised at how many people they’ll each bring to your profile (especially if stories are interactive). 

    Not only that, but use your profile bio to its advantage, fully reflect what your business is, its purpose and most importantly…remember to add a link to your site!

    Next thing, Content. 

    You want to make your grid aesthetically pleasing.

    Post unique content that will set apart your page from everyone else’s - if your grid looks messy people will leave your profile straight away. 

    Using hashtags will help massively bring people in but make sure to put them as the first comment and not in the caption (you don’t want to overcrowd). Most importantly come up with a tag for your brand like ours; #TrueVision or #TrueVisionBrand this way you can get more people talking and spreading the word about your brand faster.


    There’s way more to Instagram than meets the eye, going the extra mile includes;  

  • giveaways either by yourself or collaborating with a similar brand (people love free products).
  • have an influencer take over your account for a day. 
  • a followers only discount/loyalty card.
  • use user generated content - encourage people to create videos/photos using your products.

  • To this we are TRUE

    With all this being said, remember to stay true to yourself and your brand - follow the advice we’ve given you and people should become more interested overtime, remember it doesn't happen overnight! We’re living in a world in which content is now key and hopefully this blog helps you reach your goals. 

    Thanks for reading, we wish you all the best in your internet projects. if you’d like to support us in our projects why not take a look at our store (linked below) and just as a little thank you here’s a 10% discount code for you to use on anything in our store: BLOGINST 

    We hope you’ll stay TRUE to us.

    Learn how to grow on different social platforms: https://truevisionbrand.com/blogs/true-vision-blog

    Our website: https://truevisionbrand.com/ 

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