Hidden discounts and where to find them!

Hidden discounts and where to find them!

Here at True Vision we are passionate about our products and giving back to our customers in various ways. So, you’re wondering. We’re telling - here’s how you unlock the discounts. 

Bottle Opener Belt

You may be opening a bottle with your belt or just simply putting your belt on, but you should see a small tag located next to the bottle opener that reads ‘TRUE VISION’. 

Look on the other side and there you will find your hidden code that provides you 10% off your next buy.

Bi-Fold Wallets

As you open up your wallet to put your cards or money inside, you'll see a tag on the left hand side that reads ‘@TRUEVISIONBRAND’. 

Again, look on the other side and you’ll see your secret code was always just a fold hidden in plain sight.

Slouch and Bobble Beanies

Whether you’re changing your Slouch to wear three different ways or changing the Bobble on your Beanie, be sure to keep an eye out for the label inside...there you may find your washable surprise!

Always make sure to think outside the box for more secret codes and surprises!