Free Stickers (with every product)

Free Stickers (with every product)

Love stickers?

Every one of our unique apparel pieces comes with free True Vision Brand stickers! Perfect for all those sticker collectors out there or even if you just love them. Made from long lasting and high quality acrylic, our stickers are perfect for sticking on anything from your boards, water bottles, notebooks, phone cases..the list goes on!

Now, here’s where you’ve got decisions to make. You could buy one (or more if you fancied) of our products whether it’s our Bobble Beanies, Slouch Beanies, Reversible Belts, Polarised Sunglasses, Wallets or Keyrings and receive our stickers for free with every product purchased. But, if you’re not ready to order yet then why not order a FREE sticker pack here: 

So, you might be thinking what's the difference between receiving free stickers with every product or ordering stickers online? Well, ordering them online means you’ll be receiving different coloured True designs and logos (which is always fun). Whereas, when you receive them with products it means you’ll receive our black and white logo stickers, but either way you’ll be receiving True stickers so the choice is up to you. 

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