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All my heroes are dead - The death of the independent brand

All my heroes are dead - The death of the independent brand

Owning and running an independent brand isn’t as easy as it used to be, as time goes on the competition between brands gets more competitive. Here at True Vision we’ll be explaining why.

What This Means:

The internet today is crazy compared to what it used to be, everyone is creating their own brands and pushing promotion through social media sites such as Instagram. In the past people would always rely and go to the big brands that everyone knew - now don’t get us wrong, people still do that. But the higher majority are always looking to shop independently now - especially because in this modern day, everything is a click away!

Even though the higher majority are looking to shop independently, it’s still so hard for businesses to survive - especially if you follow trends. Trends are great and will help your business grow but after that trend dies, you’ll need to be quick to hop on the next one else your brand will also slowly die.

Big brands such as Billabong started off as independent, it was doing really well in Australia and decided to expand to different parts of the world. This was great for Gordon Merchant (founder) as his designs were gaining so much attention, bringing in more people and companies. So much so that overtime billabong had many deals go on, good and bad meaning that it unfortunately had to be sold due to ongoing debt and in 2018 it had been bought by Boardriders (the owner of Quicksilver).

This just shows us that independent brands can be taken over so quickly by companies that are higher up and you eventually could lose everything you worked so hard for. 

Another thing about independent brands, if you own one yourself then you should shop independently as you’ll be aware of the struggle of starting up and keeping people engaged. Sometimes it isn’t big brands killing us, it’s ourselves.

Let’s keep independent brands alive,

to this we are TRUE

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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