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What does ‘polarised’ actually mean?

What does ‘polarised’ actually mean?

Here at True Vision we make sure our sunglasses are made of the highest possible quality, meaning they are all certified UV400 (100% protection from UV rays), scratch & impact resistant and polarised. But what does that actually mean?


How it works…

Natural sunlight travels in many different directions which reflects off surfaces and causes glare, which is both annoying and potentially dangerous. Polarised lenses contain a special film of tiny arranged molecules that act in the same way as the shutters of a blind, blocking light entering the lenses in certain directions, rather than just darkening the landscape - this reduces glare and creates a crisper image.

What are the benefits of polarised lenses?

  • Protection - High volumes of the sun's rays over long periods of time can be extremely damaging to your eyes. This can be easily blocked by polarised lenses alongside UV protection, creating comfort and reducing eye strain.
  • Sport & Outdoors - Polarised lenses are extremely popular to those who enjoy water sports, skiing and snowboarding or outdoor adventures. This is because light easily reflects off smooth surfaces such as snow or water which can cause harsh glare and be distracting.
  • Driving - Reflections off roads can also be very dangerous which is easily solved with a pair of polarised sunglasses.
  • Clearer Vision - The technology used in polarized sunglasses also creates crisper and clearer vision with minimal colour distortion.

  • Other Benefits of True Vision Sunglasses

  • Classic Retro Design - Timeless and stylish wayfarer frame with subtle branding and matte black frame finish.
  • 7X Lens Colours Available - Choose your style: Ice Blue, Flame Red, Grey Gradient, Purple Haze, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Emerald Green.
  • Impact Resistant - New and improved anodised aluminium hinges for durability and impact resistant lenses.
  • The Whole Package - High quality retail gift box, branded microfibre cloth, protected PU leather case, microfibre travel bag, two free stickers and more!
  • 1 Year Warranty - All our products have a one year warranty. 

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