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The History Of House

The History Of House

Here at True Vision we love all kinds of music and one of them especially is House music, so we’re going to tell you the history, where it came from and why it’s so popular now.

The Origin 

There are several types of house music; ranging from deep house to latin house to electro house, it goes on. But where did it start? 

It started in Chicago in the early 1980s in the style of high-tempo and electronic dance which became popular quickly and soon spread internationally. 

Many people believe that house music was named after a nightclub called “the warehouse” located in the South Side of Chicago - which is why it became “house music” because dance records would be labelled “as played at The Warehouse”.

House music has now got many things attached to its name and one of them is “house dance” which is a form of freestyle and social dance, which has become very popular within the dance industry. The moves include jacking, lofting and footwork; the most famous being jacking as the dance move associates the most with early house music. 

The Godfather

DJ Frankie Knuckles or as many people refer to him as the ‘godfather of house’,

was the resident DJ at the warehouse and played a huge part of popularizing house music.

He won awards such as the grammys for ‘remixer of the year, non-classical’ which is given to producers that have done quality remixed recordings at the grammy awards. Infact, Frankie was presented with the first ever award at the 40th Grammys in 1998.

The award, changed in 2002  is currently presented ‘to recognise an individual who takes previous recorded material and adds or alters it in such a way to create a new and unique song/performance’.

House is also known as a culture that promotes sharing, a sense of family, freedom of expression and an honest connection with the music.

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