Our Reversible Belts

Our Reversible Belts

Our reversible belts are multifunctional and can be styled in different ways, made from ultra strong nylon canvas material and finished with a powder coated steel buckle included with a hidden bottle opener, you can’t get any better!

How to style

Depending on your outfit and what you’re feeling on the day. You can either wear the side that has plain solid colour or flip it and wear a pattern, you can find out how to do that following the tutorial on our instagram tv (@truevisionbrand). 

Currently we have five different colours; 

green/army green, black/grey, black/white, navy blue/blue and grey/grey. 

You can see what they look like by clicking the link here: https://truevisionbrand.com/products/canvas-belt-bottle

Belt Description

Have you ever been at a social event such as a barbque and needed a bottle opener but no one can find one or forgot where they put it down? Well with our belts you won’t have to worry about that happening anymore! Inside the buckle is a hidden bottle opener literally perfect for any occasion...drinking or non drinking!

Made one size to fit all and suitable for all sizes, you just cut to your length and if you multibuy you can receive discounts! Any 2x = 10% off, Any 3x = 15% off - what’s not to love!

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