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Must Have Travel Apps

Must Have Travel Apps

Planning a trip? Most people always think about taking the essentials. 

But, what you don’t normally think about are the things that aren’t as big but can be as important. So, we’re here to give you a list of the must have travel apps to have on your phone to have ready for your next adventure. 

Wifi Map

This app has a built-in VPN so that your data and privacy is secured whilst you connect to any wifi around the world, it also has an option for offline map - which you can use to search for places nearby with free wifi. You never know when you might need it! 

Google Translate

So you’re travelling to a different country but you don’t know how to speak their language? No problem, Google Translate will help you say the speech you want to and understand what is being said back at you. It’s probably the most common and useful app out there, even if sometimes it's not as accurate. 


A bathroom finder app which obviously helps you find the nearest public bathroom to your location. Not only that but shows you reviews, opening/closing hours and photos. This is the perfect app to have, especially if you’re visiting a city/town you’ve never been to before.


This app is a public transport app that shows live data between any two locations in a city. You can use it to find trains, public transport, how long it takes to walk, cycle and drive. It is very simple to use and some say it's an even better option than google maps as it shows you more options and makes it very easy to see and understand. 


The Detour app is an app that you can use to have audio walks that guide you through the location that you are in. It uses your GPS signal, and can even be linked up with your friends so you can all enjoy the experience together. It is constantly changing but currently the only places that this app is available to use are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, New Orleans, Portland, Savannah, Charleston, Austin, London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin and Marrakech.  

Hopefully these apps will help you on your travels and make it all a bit easier, stress free and enjoyable for you! Let us know which app you found most helpful through our instagram page. 

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