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How to grow on Youtube

How to grow on Youtube

How to grow on Youtube

Ever wonder why you’re posting on youtube but gaining nothing from it? 

Well in this blog we’ll be covering how to bring in new viewers, how to keep people engaged and exactly how to do that. 

And yes, you may be wondering...why are we (an apparel brand) doing these social blog posts? We decided to do this as a project for ourselves, and then thought why not share! 

Cards and End Screens, Why are they important?

End Screens are important because it can take your viewers to more videos/playlists that you’ve put out and Cards pop up anytime during a video, this can also include poll cards which is a great way to get your viewers opinions. 

How to access that:

  • Go to Youtube
  • Click your profile picture
  • Then click ‘creator studios’ (which can be found in the ‘status and features’ tab.

  • Add Cards and End Screens to your videos: 

  • Go to Creator Studios and click ‘Video Manager’
  • Then click ‘videos’
  • Find the video you want to add to the end screen card and click ‘edit’
  • (Once you’re on the video page you can add end screens cards by clicking the menu”).

    If your Youtube account is not verified, then you need to do this before the following.

    Watermarks and how they benefit: 

    Watermarking your videos will gain you more subscribers (when a viewer moves their mouse over a watermark it prompts them to subscribe).

    To be able to do this go to:

  • Creator Studio and click ‘branding’
  • Then click ‘add a watermark’ and upload the image (design a watermark that is square, transparent and above 50x50 pixels).

  • Embedding, what is it?:

    When it comes to your videos make sure you have embedding enabled, this way it gives viewers options to share anywhere - on their socials, blogs etc. 

    To enable this go to:

  • The Creators Studio and find the video edits page
  • Go to advanced settings and scroll to the distribution options
  • There you will see the ‘allow embedding’ option and tick if it isn’t already.

  • More views? No problem.

    Youtube has many chances for you to grow, you just need to do things that make you stand out and link your other socials into it.

  • Post short teaser videos to the most popular social networks (only the sites you get the most attention from like instagram).
  • Embed the youtube videos into relevant blog posts and pages on the website (this way it is being exposed to different areas that people may not even think about).
  • Thumbnails (If your thumbnails are low quality people will assume the video will be the same and won’t click).
  • Promote the channel using youtube SEO (it optimises the youtube videos and channel to increase its ranking).
  • Playlists (post videos in playlists and not separately, playlists do a lot better).
  • Be creative with titles, the more creative the more clicks.

  • Tips and Reminders

    Focus on a specific niche.

    Firstly think about your goals, be selective with them. Then think about the content you could make and how it will help you reach them. Remember you aren’t making videos for everyone, you’re here for a specific audience. 

    Industry Influencers

    Reach out to them, even something as simple as a retweet could help out massively. (collab with them if you can).


    For each video, write a blog - this way you’re bringing in more people from different places that you might not have even thought of.


    To this we are TRUE!

    With all this being said, remember to stay true to yourself and your brand - follow the advice we’ve given you and people should become more interested overtime, remember it doesn't happen overnight! We’re living in a world in which content is now key and hopefully this blog helps you reach your goals. 

    Thanks for reading, we wish you all the best in your internet projects. If you’d like to support us in our projects why not take a look at our store (linked below) and just as a little thank you here’s a 10% discount code for you to use on anything in our store: BLOGYOUT

    We hope you’ll stay TRUE to us.

    Learn how to grow on different social platforms: https://truevisionbrand.com/blogs/true-vision-blog

    Our website: https://truevisionbrand.com/

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