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Best four places to adventure this autumn

Best four places to adventure this autumn

We’re all probably thinking the same thing..right?

We’ve been stuck inside for pretty much the whole of 2020 and now in 2021 the world is slowly re opening -meaning we can start to adventure, explore and travel again. And here at True Vision you know we love adventuring! So we’re here to recommend some places we love!  

Utrecht, Netherlands.

Known for its medieval centre, this beautiful city is as charming as amsterdam! 

You’ll find a canal which runs through the whole of the city, lined by trees, dutch buildings and of course centred right in the heart of the city centre is the iconic Dom Tower. It’s so picturesque, especially in autumn.

There are many things to do ranging from museums, canal rides, the dom tower and botanical gardens. If you’ve ever thought “I'd love to visit a genuine, authentic dutch city” this is the place for you! 

Central park, New York City 

There is a huge variety of things to do in New York City, one of the most popular being the park. Whether you just love the vibrant fall colours, the walk, seeing the monuments or even feeling like you’re in gossip girl - there’s something for everyone.

Some of the things you’ll find:

Strawberry Fields - named after the song “strawberry fields forever” by the Beatles is an area of central park that pays tribute to the late Beatle, John Lennon. 

It is truly beautiful and a must see if you’re a fan of his.

Belvedere Castle - originally built without an intended purpose, it’s just an attraction in the park. The view from the castle is simply stunning, looking over landmarks within the park such as turtle pond and the delacorte theater. 

Wollman Rink - perfect for all you ice skaters out there! One of the best picturesque activities to do during the autumn and winter. 

Bow Bridge - one of the most filmed locations in central park, the bridge itself stretches sixy feet over the lake. It is seen as the perfect transition between ramble and cherry hill and has some amazing views when walking over. 

There are so many things to see and do in this park and we highly recommend it!


If you’re a lover of the cold weather, this is the place for you. The weather is so much colder this time of year, but that comes with its positives! 

The northern lights - one of the best months to see them, are this month! 

Not a fan of crowds? Not to worry! November is the best time to go, it is one of the least popular months people visit, meaning you're skipping the high season crowds. 

Other things to do: 

Hike across a glacier, whale watching trips, go to a geothermal hot spring, visit an ice cave, go dog sledding, waterfall hunting. The list goes on but it is a truly magical experience and will definitely put you in a christmassy mood.

Glenariff Forest, - Antrim, Northern Ireland

 Glenariff is one of the nine glens in Antrim and is highly suggested as one of the most beautiful. If you don’t already know, it is a national nature reserve and is filled with lakes, waterfalls and planted woodland. 

You can do activities such as walking, horse riding and touring. There are several walking trails each of different length:

Viewpoint Trail - You can look down the glen and see the sea in the distance.

Waterfall Walk Trail -  waterfalls and boardwalk which goes through the Glenariff Nature Reserve (must do!) 

Scenic Trail - takes you down the Inver river gorge, at the end of the climb there are good views over the glen and across the sea as far as the Mull of Kintyre.

Rainbow Trail - This trail is a detour that comes off the waterfall walk, it includes a river crossing at the rainbow bridge. 

So if you’re very outdoorsy and love rivers and waterfalls, this is your must-visit place!

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